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Full name: Helifar Goodan
Age: 76
Species: Platonian
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Hair color: White
Eye color: Fluctuates between blue and hazel
Sex: Male
Position: Executive Officer
       Biography: Medical History:

Rarely has any type of "cold" or medical problems.

Academy History:

2362 Finally enters Star Fleet Academy at age 56.
2365 Graduates 3rd in his class.
2366 Posted to the U.S.S. Tilghman alongside Steven Parmley II.
2368 Promoted to the Rank of Lt. J.G. with honors, for repairing most of the ship’s computers after an attack by pirate ships.
2370 Promoted to Lt. for loyal service to the Federation.
2373 Promoted to Lt. Commander, but turned it down because he didn't want the responsiblility.
2374 Accepts promotion to Lt. Commander.
2377 Promoted to Commander and transfers to Task force 9 Bravo Fleet to become 2nd in command of U.S.S. Dale Earnhardt under Captain Steven Parmley II.
2382 Promoted to Ambassador for his mental abilities and mediation techniques. Allowed to stay on the U.S.S. Dale Earnhardt.


Has no family but hopes to find another Platonion in the Federation.

Special Abilities:

He has the ability to control things with the mind (telekinesis.) He also has the ability to read people’s minds (telepathy), but only uses it when needed. Like Vulcans, he uses logic when faced with challenges. His brain processes faster than humans. He rarely, if ever, catches viral infections. He ages about a third of the rate of humans; therefore, he is 76 in earth years, but looks a little over 25.