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Welcome to the deck chart of the U.S.S. DALE EARNHARDT

Deck Number Main Feature Other Features
1 Bridge Main Bridge, Readyroom, Observation Lounge
2 Command Hull Engineering Ambassadors' Quarters and Jeffrey's Tubes
3 Senior Staff's quarters, Holosuites, Offices of Chief Conn, Ops, & Security/Tactical Chiefs, Brig Aux. Weapons Locker
4 Transporter Room 1, Ambassadorial Suites, Guest Quarters, Holosuites JeffreyTubes
5 Guest Quarters, Junior Officers' Quarters, Computer Core PS/1 Science Dept. and Jeffrey Tubes
6 Junior Officers' Quarters, Weapons Locker, Computer Core PS/1 Medical Floor, Medical Storage and Jeff Tubes
7 Aux Sickbay, Computer Core PS/1 Galley, Ten-Forward
8 Deck 6: Battle Bridge, Transporter Room 2, Science Labs, Chief Science Officer's Office Stellar Cartography, Gyms
9 Cargo Bays, Cargo Transporter, Weapons Locker, Stellar Catography, Astrometrics Lab, Holosuites Stellar Cartography, Gyms
10 Secondary Computer Core, Transporter Room 2, Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office Transporters
11 Main Sickbay, CMO's Office, Secondary Computer Core, shuttle bay, Hydroponics Aux. Engineering, Aux. Computer Core, Holosuites
12 Aux. Bridge, Quarters N/A
13 Deflector Control, Aux. Sickbay, Transporter Room 3, Quarters Crew Quarters and Jeff Tubes
14 Waste Management, Antimatter Fill Port, Antimatter Generator, Antimatter Storage Spare Warp Cores, Jeffrey Tubes
15 Engineering Accommodations Spare Warp Cores, Eng. Quarters and Jeff Tubes
16 Chief Security's Officer's Office, Secured Weapons Armory, Extra Weaponry Containment Storage, Main Security Brig (Consisting of 8 large and 3 small cells), Assistant Chief Security Officer's Office Spare Warp Cores, Eng. Quarters
17 Aft Torpedo Launcher, Main Phaser Banks, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer's Office Spare Warp Cores, Eng. Quarters
18 Stellar Cartography Levels A - C (3 decks down and complete with Astrometrics Labs, Quadrant Mapping Facilities, and Database Storage) Spare Warp Cores
19 Shuttlebay (2), Shuttlebay (3) Spare Warp Cores
20 Cargo Bay (3), Cargo Bay (4), Cargo Transporters, Configurable Storage Transporter Parts
21 Medical Laboratories, Assistant Chief Medical Officer's Office, Genetic Research and Cataloging Facility, Virology Research and Cataloging Facility, Transporter (6) Medical Supplies
22 Combat Training Center, Holographic Battle Interfacing Computers Holo Suits
23 AirLock Jeff Tubes
24 Ambassadors Quarters Jeff Tubes
25 Cargo/Storage N/A
26 Cargo/Storage N/A
27 Shuttle Bay N/A
28 Aux.Weapons Locker N/A