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Captain Steven Parmley
Commander Helifar Goodan Excutive Officer,Commander Kalissa Kyler nee Hardens Second Officer
Vice Admiral Alexander Clare TF-9 CO

"Don't try, do. Don't think, know."

"The only way to learn, is to explore.
The only way to win, is to fight.
The only way to serve, is loyally.
The only way to live, is to decide"


The USS Dale Earnhardt, one of the first of her kind, the Next Generation of exploration and defencive vessels for the Federation. Her present assignment is to Task Force 9 of Starfleet's Forth Fleet, better known as Bravo Fleet. Her mission, to seek out new life, to defend and uphold the Federation way of life. Her mission brings her through dangers and discoveries like no other vessel in Starfleet. Are you ready for the Dale Earnhardt?

Welcome to the USS Dale Earnhardt a PBemail website. This site is available for everyone to enjoy. Just being a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation and fan fiction is enough. USS Dale Earnhardt is a Intimidator Class Starship serving in Task Force 9 of Bravo Fleet. This SIM takes place in the current DS9 timeline. The year is 2377 and the place is the USS Dale Earnhardt, home for great simming action. I recommend that you try viewing this site minimum resolution of 800 x 600 and it would be to advantage to be using a modern web browser. This website is updated weekly, So check back often and visit.


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