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Silver Medallion (8-15 weeks)
Species: Platonian
Height: 6'1
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue or Hazel, they flucuate
Sex: Male
Position: First Officer
       Biography: Medical History:

Rarely has any type of "cold" or medical problems. All limbs are still attached and practices ancient medicinal techniques from earth.

Academy History:

176.5 Enters Star Fleet Academy, the reason so long after birth was because it took him a long time to decide what to do
178.3 Graduates 3rd in his class
182.6 Posted to the U.S.S. Tilghman, where he met his future captain
186.6 Promoted to the Rank of LT.Jg with honors, for repairing most of ship computers when attacked by pirate ships
195.3 Promoted to Lt.
198.9 Was given the rank of Lt. Commander but turned it down, he didn't like being in charge.
202.3 transfers to Task force 9 Bravo Fleet with his best friend, Lt.Cmdr Steven Parmley
202.5 Given 2nd in command of U.S.S. DaleEarnheart (got the position from Lt.Cmdr who didn't have to fight hard to get him)


Has no family but hopes to find another Platonion in the Federation. He only has his friends and sworn brother, Lt.Cmdr Steven Parmley

Special Abilities:

Controls things with the mind, known as telekinesis and telepathy. Only uses telepathy when needed. Must have some Vulcan in him because he uses logic when faced with problems. Brain processes faster than humans.