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StarDate:0004.01 Star Ship Alert Status: Green As a result of Bravo Fleet and Taskforce 9 regulations I am here by having to right a report each month. Commander Steven Parmley Commanding officer of the U.S.S. DaleEarnheart. My Executive Officer LtCmdr. Helifar Goodan. Both me and my first officer are glad to have the best ship in the Bravo Fleet and to make a good ship you must have a good crew. The U.S.S. Dale Earnheart warp core is at 95 % efficiency but we won't leave dry dock unless the efficiency is at 97.8 percent. Plasma Filters have been installed and is at 100% efficiency all other enigneering systems are at 100%efficiency. Weapons and Shields : Weapons being the advance that I have ever seen is at 100% A full torpdeo complentment. Torpedo: 1) Hell Fire Torpdeo's = 40 2) Quantum Torpedo's = 300 3) Photon Torpdeo's = 200 4) Tri Cobalt = 20 Phazer's : 1) 14 Type-XII standard Phaser arrays 2) 4 Type -XV Multi - Fire Phaser strip arrays 3) 1 ventral pjaser cannon Shield's: Ablative Aromor Full Functional Klingon Cloaking Deivice: Hull Conformal We are in engaged in a combat situration and taking minior damage to small parts of the ship. CO: LtCommander Steven Parmley XO: Helifar Goodan Cheif Medical Officer Sabrina And I'am still waiting for the others to send me there Bio and to revise there Bio's by me and my Excutive Officer. And as soon as the send them to me I will transmitt them to Commadore Clares office. And the I will add them to the website and it will be updated every week as soon as I can unless my real job interfers I will transmitt my orders to my Excutive officer. This ship will be the best ship in the fleet i promise you i will make sure that every officer on board my ship that they now the Bravo Fleet And Task Force 9 regulations and abid by them. CO: Commander Steven Parmley XO: LtCmdr. Helifar Goodan U.S.S. Dale Earnheart