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Active Service
(1)Repairing Damge after a battle fight. (2)We are looking for a Officer that was Corrputed. (3)War with the borg and the mirror universe.

Was docked for crew and supplies DS14.(1)Rescue of the U.S.S. Halifax. Fighting the borg and the Mirror universe.

StarDate : 0201.02 Captains Mission Brief: Today starts the time of pain, the borg have decided to attack SECTOR 001 the terran system. Yesterday at 1900 hours the borg attacked Bajor and DEEP SPACE 9 at this moment the borg are trying to assimalate the planet but haven't touched the station I have Contacted the station CO and he has moved the station with the stations thrusters and has powered down to minium levels. Not only being at war with the borg we are haveing problems with something else the Mirror Universe has decided to attack the Federation and we must stop them at any cost. I have organized a Task Force. Consisting of Alpha and Bravo Squards. Alpha squard is lead by Captain steven Parmley with the U.S.S. DaleEarnhardt, and 5 other Star Fleet Ships. Bravo Squard is made up of Commander Helifar Goodan Acting CO of the U.S.S. Torch his acting Xo is Second Lt.David McGrehen also consisting of 5 Romulan War Birds. And the Acting Xo for the Dale is Commander Kalissa Hardens.The Romulans are helping us with the situration and is sending some other there Warbirds to asst us. They are under my Direct Control. Romulus is also at war with the borg so we are going to do this together plus any other Race that wants to join in and try and elimenate the Borg for extince. CO Captain Steven Parmley XO Commander . Helifar Goodan SO Kalissa Kyler nee Hardens U.S.S. DaleEarnheart. Captain steven Parmley Co of the U.S.S. DaleEarnhardt and Task Group Beta CO of Task Force 9.